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We’ve teamed up with registered Nutritionist Jen McDiarmid to enhance your well-being. Explore online courses, webinars, podcasts, videos, and personalised sessions – all dedicated to supporting your holistic wellness journey through nutrition.

Available Courses

Immerse yourself in our 6-Week Online Courses: Nurturing Well-being through Nutrition. Guided by our certified Nutritionist Jen. These courses are designed to support and educate you on different topics of well-being, and how through simple yet effective changes, you can improve both your physical and also your emotional well-being through nutrition.

The course will involve a 1 hour online session each week, which will also be recorded in case you can not attend live for any reason. You also have the option to take part in a group chat to ask questions and share top tips between the sessions. 

To ensure the course is supporting your well-being we ask for you to complete a brief pre-course and post-course questionnaire.


6 week course with 45 minute sessions

This course is designed to help anyone who is feeling overwhelmed and wants to understand the building blocks of…

5 week course with 45 minute sessions

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6 week course with 45 minute sessions

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6 week course with 45 minute sessions

When we think about our emotional well-being, it is easy to forget that our physical and emotional well-being are…

6 week course with 45 minute sessions

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6 week course with 45 minute sessions

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6 week course with 45 minute sessions

This course is here to help you understand how certain food groups, eating patterns and lifestyle factors can help to stabilise your blood sugar levels. This course is designed for anyone who would…

Starting at £94

Experience tailored nutrition guidance with a 1-hour online consultation with a Registered Nutritionist. Complete a brief health questionnaire before your session, where you’ll discuss your diet, stress, sleep, movement, digestion, and hormones. Within 48 hours, receive a custom nutrition plan via email. Start your path to better health with My Healthy Way!

About Jen

Jennifer McDiarmid

Nutritional Therapist with a BSC in Nutritional Therapy

Jen McDiarmid, a BANT member, holds a BSC in Nutritional Therapy. With 12+ years of experience, she’s your go-to for Nutrition and Well-being. Jen works 1:1 in her private practice, and collaborates with UK charities and businesses.

Jennifer’s approach to nutrition is to help people understand their body, what their needs are and practical ways to help them achieve their true health potential. This helps the people she works with feel educated, positive and motivated about the changes that they will make. Jennifer works alongside GP’s and any medication people are on and provides nutritional advice to compliment the work of anyone medically trained, not as a replacement to it. 

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What you'll learn

This is not about going on a diet, instead the courses provide the skills and support to better understand your own body and how simple changes can build up to make a big difference.

All information is delivered in a positive, informative and empowering way. There is a pre and post course questionnaire to complete to help you to see the health improvements you have made whilst attending the course. If you are working with a GP or taking any medication, we will ensure everything discussed is safe and relevant for you.

Who is this course for

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Nutritional Therapy is a recognized complementary medicine and is therefore suitable for people who simply want to make some positive lifestyle changes, or those who have a chronic health condition.

If you feel interested, have any questions or need a bit of help getting going feel free to get in touch

Frequently asked questions

There is a detailed breakdown of each course, what we will discuss each week and what outcomes you can expect from the course to help you decide if it is the right course for you. If you have any further questions, then you can always contact Jen who will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the suitability of the course.
Once you have registered for the course, Jen will send you an email with all the details you need. The courses are all online courses, so you will simply join a live video call once a week. If you would prefer to keep your camera off and stay on mute that is fine, or you are welcome to join in and ask questions during the sessions. The courses have been designed to work in whichever way you feel the most comfortable.

For any questions simply fill in the contact form below and Jen will get back to you as soon as possible.

In order to get the most out of the courses, we recommend only attending one course at a time. If you try to make too many changes at once, then it can be overwhelming for the body and difficult to understand which changes are the ones that have had the greatest impact on your wellbeing. We will continue to run the courses so you can keep an eye out for a future date and time of other courses you are interested in and book onto them then.
Yes! We will be expanding the topics covered next year to cover all areas of health and wellbeing. If there is a topic that is of particular interest to you that you would like to see running, then pop Jen a note and it is certainly something we can consider to make sure we are supporting you in the best way possible.

No. The courses are designed to discuss the role of nutrition and lifestyle to work alongside any medication and to support the work of medical professionals and not to replace their advice. Nutrition can help support side
effects and symptoms, but if your body is overwhelmed and in a state of ill health it is really important you follow the advice of your doctor and use the information shared on these courses to work alongside this.

Yes. The world of nutrition is huge and largely unregulated which is why is can feel so overwhelming. Jen is a fully qualified and registered nutritionist (member of mBANT and CHNC). Everything discussed is based on the latest scientific research to help you to feel educated and understand why recommendations may be suggested.

Nutrition can often be linked with dieting, but the truth is that in most cases diets don’t work. These courses are not about going on diets or thinking about ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods. Instead, it’s about helping you understand your own body, your own needs and how to make small yet impactful changes that help you feel better but do not ban any foods or create any feelings of guilt around the choices we make.

Yes. If you change your mind, you are able to cancel your place. Please see the terms and conditions here.

All the courses are going to be run online to try and make them as accessible as possible to everyone, although we are looking at options to run in person sessions in the future. If this is something that you are interested in please contact Jen to let her know.
Please don’t worry if you are not able to make all the live sessions. Each week the sessions will be recorded and a copy of the recording will be sent to the members of the group each week. If you couldn’t make the live session you can simply watch the recording at a time to suit you and then join the following week.

Questions? We're happy to help!

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