My Healthy Way to balancing body weight 


This course combines the role of nutrition, neurogenesis and movement to create a brand new approach to achieving balanced body weight. This course has been deisgned by Jen, using years of research to help you to understand how to encourage your body to get to its own natural healthy weight, without going on a diet. The course is broken down over 8 weeks, with 1 live 30 minute session a week.

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Course description

Each week Jen will discuss a different area of nutrition, emotional support and exercise to help you to understand why you are making changes, and how to apply them to the week ahead.

This course is not about going on a diet, but instead helping you to understand your own individual needs and how to make positive long-term changes that not only support a healthy body weight, but also support your overall physical and mental health. The course will be supported by ‘go to’ electronic guides, the ability to ask Jen questions between sessions and the opportunity to work with other like minded individuals along the way. The course will be informative, and supportive encouraging everyone to take steps forward (no matter how big or small) wherever your starting point is.