The fundamentals of well-being through nutrition


This course is designed to help anyone who is feeling overwhelmed and wants to understand the building blocks of good nutrition. The course will help people break away from dieting, and work alongside Jen to understand the core principles of nourishing the body and how to move forward after the 6-week course.

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Course description

This course is designed to help anyone who wants to improve their health and well-being through nutrition, but might be feeling overwhelmed with the amount of conflicting information on dieting and which approach to take.

When we discuss our well-being and nutrition, the aim isn’t about going on a diet. Instead it is about feeling educated on your own individual needs, making a few small adjustments and then noticing an improvement in your physical and mental health.

As we go through this course, we will explain the role of the food groups, why the body needs them and how we can make sure adjustments to increase the amount we are consuming. Everything we talk about should be in balance, and should be about long-term changes and not short term diets. We will work together with a small group of like minded individuals, to help support each other and you can choose to be part of an ongoing WhatsApp group running alongside the course. By the end of the course you should feel educated and empowered to understand how to achieve your health goals throughout nutrition without ever feeling like you need to go on a diet again.


What you'll learn

Week one – Introduction to the course. We will discuss the role of nutrition in our well-being and discuss current diet plans out there and why they might not be the most positive approach to take. We will discuss how to know the nutritional changes are working, introduce the WhatsApp group and the health link. We will then start with a couple of initial changes to try – hydration, increasing movement (20 minutes walking each day) and the food and body log.

Week two – The role of protein and essential fat This session will explore these topics in detail and discuss how to increase these in your eating patterns in simple ways. We will dispel the myths around fat being negative for the body and the role of EFAs in supporting inflammation in the body.


Week three – The role of carbohydrates – complex vs simple sugars. This session will talk about the health benefits of the complex carbohydrates and why it is important to keep them in our eating patterns. It will also discuss the topic of sugar, with an interactive quiz and how, if we want to, we can reduce our sugar intake through some top tips.

Week four – Rainbow eating This topic discusses the importance of fruits and vegetables. We will explain about the role of antioxidants and phytochemicals, but also go on to look at the research around rainbow eating, seasonal produce and freezing produce.

Week five – The role of the digestive systemThis session will discuss the world of gut health and the impact it can have on our body. We will talk about signs of imbalance throughout the digestive system and simple ways we can encourage a balance of gut bacteria if there are signs of imbalance.

Week six – Moving forward from the course In the final session we will go back to look at a summary of the information covered over the course. Discuss how to make these changes as long-term changes, whilst also keeping a balanced approach to eating. We will discuss areas to further research and practical steps that can be taken to help improve long-term well-being.