Boosting immunity through nutrition and lifestyle


This course is designed for anyone who would like to understand how to boost their immune system through nutrition. When we think of immunity, we often think about fighting off coughs and colds, but our immune system is so much more than that – from regulating inflammation, supporting autoimmune conditions to slowing down the ageing rate of our body, looking after the immune system can have a systemic impact on the body. This course will discuss all factors that can impact our immune system and simple strategies to ensure it is as robust as possible.

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What you'll learn

Week one – Introduction to the course. We will discuss the role of nutrition in relation to immunity. We will discuss how to know the nutritional changes work, introduce the whatsapp group and the health link. We will spend this session discussing what the immune system is, what organs of the body are involved and signs of depleted immunity. We will look at two simple challenges to take away.

Week two – Foods and lifestyle factors that deplete immunityThis session will explore how a typically western diet and lifestyle can work against our natural immune response and we will start to discuss some simple ways to switch some of the negative factors.

Week three – Food and lifestyle that can boost immunity This session will move onto looking at broad ways that we can start to enhance the immune function in the body – from nutrition, movement, and stimulation of the vagus nerve.

Week four – Key nutrients This topic discusses specific key nutrients that have been scientifically proven to enhance the immune response in the body. We will discuss the food groups they come in, and simple yet effective ways to increase these such as seasonal eating, rainbow eating and whole grain products.

Week five – The role of the digestive systemThis session will discuss the world of gut health and the impact it can have on our body. We will talk about signs of imbalance

throughout the digestive system and simple ways we can encourage a balance of gut bacteria if there are signs of imbalance. As 80% of our immune response comes from our gut it is a key system of the body to address.

Week six – Moving forward from the course. In the final session we will go back to look at a summary of the information covered over the course. Discuss how to make these changes as long-term changes, whilst also keeping a balanced approach to eating. We will discuss areas to further research and practical steps that can be taken to help improve long-term well-being.