Supporting emotional well-being through nutrition and lifestyle


When we think about our emotional well-being, it is easy to forget that our physical and emotional well-being are interconnected, and one can’t be in balance if the other one is not. This course is designed to discuss the role of physical well-being in supporting emotional well-being and what changes we can make to our nutrition and lifestyle that can help to lift our mood and reduce our feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. This course is designed to work alongside any medication or support you are receiving from the GP. Please do not stop taking any medication without speaking with a GP before attending the course.

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What you'll learn

Week one – Introduction to the course. We will discuss the role of nutrition in relation to emotional wellbeing. We will talk about how the brain and body are connected and discuss the right approach to take with nutrition to ensure we don’t create more stress. We will start the first week talking about the food and body log and two small changes to take away.

Week two – All about stressThe first session will discuss the role of stress, what it is and the impact it can have on our wellbeing. We will discuss the role of internal and external stress and simple steps we can take to reduce our internal stress which can impact our overall stress load.

Week three – Key nutrients in improving mood This session looks at the key nutrients research has proven to improve our mood. These will range from key vitamins, EFA’s and amino acids. We will discuss the safe way to supplement if people wish to do so.

Week four – The brain-gut axis The topic of the brain – gut axis is an emerging area of research. This session will discuss the latest findings and simple ways we can manage our serotonin, dopamine, melatonin and GABA.

Week five – Self-care session – This session will discuss how to prioritise self-care. From mindfulness techniques, Epsom salts, vagus nerve stimulation, to magnesium and lavender. We will talk about how we can take care of ourselves to help our emotional wellbeing.

Week six – Moving forward from the course. In the final session we will go back to look at a summary of the information covered over the course. Discuss how to make these changes as long-term changes, whilst also keeping a balanced approach to eating. We will discuss areas to further research and practical steps that can be taken to help improve long-term well-being.