Supporting Musculoskeletal Conditions through nutrition


If you have been diagnosed with a Musculoskeletal condition and want to understand how to support your symptoms through nutrition, this course will be of interest to you. This course has been designed to explain the role nutrition can have in inflammation, pain management, healing and repairing, as well as in the production of healthy tissues, muscles and joint mobility. The course is designed to help educate you on the role of nutrition and give you the opportunity to work with a qualified Nutritionist and other like-minded individuals over a 6 week period in 45 minute sessions.

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What you'll learn

Week one – Introduction to the course We will discuss the role of nutrition in relation to musculoskeletal health. We will discuss how to know the nutritional changes work, introduce the whatsapp group and the health link. We will then start with a couple of initial changes to try – hydration, food and body log and a good place to start.

Week two – Inflammatory foods – This session will explore the topic of inflammation, what the inflammatory process is and how this can cause pain in the food. We will discuss the foods that can trigger inflammation and simple ways to reduce these in the body.

Week three – Anti-inflammatory foods. This session will move onto looking at foods that help reduce inflammation in the body, and simple and easy ways we can increase these in the body.

Week four – Healing and repairing – This topic discusses how we can encourage the body to go into a state of healing and repairing. This links with protein, immune response, balancing key nutrients in the body and supporting a healthy hydration level.

Week five – The role of the digestive system – This session will discuss the world of gut health and the impact it can have on our body. We will talk about signs of imbalance throughout the digestive system and simple ways we can encourage a balance of gut
bacteria if there are signs of imbalance. We will like this back to healing and repairing and the inflammatory response.

Week six – Moving forward from the course. In the final session we will go back to look at a summary of the information covered over the course. Discuss how to make these changes as long-term changes, whilst also keeping a balanced approach to eating. We will discuss areas to further research and practical steps that can be taken to help improve long-term well-being.